Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Crazy Mama Society

(As predicted I am a lousey blogger. I want to be a good blogger, really I do. I have lots to blog about. I write it in my head and then get too into "Facebooking" that I forget my excellent ideas.)

I belong to a group of 10 moms that call our selves The Crazy Mamas Society. We get together on a regular basis for weekly coffee nights, monthly dinners and other random craziness.

The group is made up of an array of characters. Meet The Crazy Mamas:

Chesty McBreasty; (Extra) large breasted mother to 3 children she delivered and 1 that she married. She's terrified of spiders but not much else. She will get drunk tonight and teach sunday school tomorrow morning. An undiagnosed shopiholic and addicted clearance sale shopper, like a needle in a haystack she will find the $1 t-shirts in a warehouse sized clothing rack. Who needs cable anyways when you can have $3 shoes and 50 cent hats in bulk?

The Absent Minded Photographer is a newly seperated mama to 1 child (who thinks she is a puppy) and is trying out her wings as a single working mom on a mission. I'm not entirely sure what the mission is and neither does she as she forgot it herself by the time she got out of bed to start at it. She lives her life for her now surrounded by her daughters love for everything dog related and a cloud of smoke.

The Sweet and Innocent (she really is...for the most part) is an over extended super-mom to 3 kiddos with a 4th on the way. She never fails to find the good in a rotten situation and is the biggest advocate for second chances even when no one else agrees that a second chance is warrented. She is the kind of mom that never forgets the sunscreen and always remembers to "use her words".

The Recovered Party Animal is an entertaining lady full of stories from her wilder days from fighting off biting, angry strippers to other things only seen on TV. She is a good sport and takes the ribbing she receives from the rest of us with a classy elegance. She is a mom to 2 small busy babes that keep her on alert. She cuts and colours her own hair and prepares recipes that include more than 3 ingriedents. She may or may not be colour blind which interfers with her ability to match socks.

The Germaphob is a sweet sensative mommy to 1 little baby far. Being fairly new to the mommy thing we often like to shock her with tales of our own child rearing experiences. She will most likely throw up if you mention that you may have shared a piece of gum with a friend when you were younger or that your 2 year old ate an ant covered stale corn chip off the floor and then pooped out the carcasses. Just don't piss off this hand sanitizer toting mama though or the pent up anger will surface and profanities will fly.

The Servicer is the oldest of the mamas but young at heart. She co-owns a hair salon with the wicked witch of the west, she is divorced and is raising 3 girls. One of the funnest mamas to drink with where she will demonstrate her stellar dance moves and her wilder side. She is loved by dogs everywhere for reasons that only the dog could describe.

The Nut is a quirky little thing and mother to 2 girls with a 3rd on the way. She doesn't own white sheets and has more snow in her back yard then her front yard in the winter. She has a slight obsession with food and her Facebook status almost always has to do with eating, cooking or food of some sort. Don't try to take food off her plate or you are bound to get stabbed with a fork.

The Newbie is (obviously) the newest member of the CMS and also to motherhood. She is married to a pretty bizzare fellow. She's pretty easy going and isn't easily ruffled. She works in a photolab so be carefull what kind of pictures you take to be developed, you just never know who might be checking them out.

The Young Blonde Wannabe. The youngest of the mamas and former blonde is unsure about her new appearance but we all like it WAY better so step away from the bleach lady. She is mom to one little man that she raises Monday to Friday on her own. She is determined to be a good friend and great mom. One of the most gullable of the mamas she is fun to pick on like a little sister and will believe just about anything you tell her if you can keep a straight face.

Finally I am The Ringleader of the Circus Freaks (group appointed). I am raising 3 crazy sons. I've been married, divorced and engaged again and I'm not even 30. I only care to a small degree what other people think of me (or at least that what I let others believe). I love to make people laugh especially The Crazy Mamas. I am glad to have these ladies in my life to help me through the rough patches and to celebrate with me in the good times. I hope that we are able to keep our little group intact for years to come. Everyone should be so blessed as to have not only 1 or 2 good friends but 9. You guys rock!