Monday, March 22, 2010

Fuzzy Needs An Exorcist

Last night I witnessed something I have never seen before. I picked Little Bear and Fuzzy up from X's in the late afternoon. When I we left X's building I noticed that Fuzzy had a devilish look in his eye. Not completely out of the normal but I had no idea that it was a warning for what was to come.

Shortly into our 45 minute ride home Fuzzy began kicking the back of my seat. Not just kicking but booting it will all his might might be more accurate until I finally had enough and pulled over and moved his seat as far back as it would go and mine as far up as I could stand. Just as we were turning onto our road Fuzzy started to say over and over "I don't wanna go home"
"Well where would you like to go then?"
"I don't know"
"Super, well in the meantime we are going home"
He continued still as we pulled into our driveway where he refused to get out of the van.

I am not someone that will waste my time trying to coax or reason with a 3 and half year old. After a really busy weekend and a day of work I didn't really have an abundance of patients at this point either so I left him in the van and headed for the house with Little Bear. I figured the minute he realized I wasn't playing and was leaving him he would no doubt be right at my side going into the house like has happened a time or 2 before but no. The little stinker just stood in the van glaring at the house. 15 minutes later he still hadn't shown any signs of resigning and I was getting tired of spying from the house instead of eating my dinner so I went to get him. This ended in me carrying him under one arm screaming and kicking and his boots that he refused to put back on in my other hand.

Once in the house my sweet little Fuzzy turned into that girl from The Exorcist. He screamed and growled and kicked and spit and drooled and practically foamed at the mouth. I was pretty sure that at same point his head was indeed going to spin around backwards and we were going to be looking for a priest to save him. This went on and on accompanied by whipping toys, kicking the floor, bed, wall, door in his bedroom and just having a full fledged freak out.

I was seeing a side of Fuzzy I have never seen before in all of his 3 and a half years and that I hope I never see again anytime soon. He eventually peed his pants and was then forced to calm himself enough to get his wet clothes off just to start again and protest the pajamas I was trying to wrangle him into. Finally he decided to take one of the options that I laid out for him. He could sit quietly and eat his supper or he could take his hissy fit to bed for the night. He chose to eat his supper and instantly transformed back into my little boy.

I have seen a few moods swing but holy crap this was a bit ridiculous especially for a 3 and a half year old who is typically easy to get along with.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Good Ol Hockey Game

For his birthday this year I bought Papa Bear 2 tickets to see his favourite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings play in Detroit. Originally the ticket were bought for Papa Bear to take a friend to the game. I didn't really think this through because Papa Bear happens to have 2 best friends (twins). He didn't want to choose between them so instead decide he would like me to go with him (yay...). Lesson learned, next time I will be purchase 3 tickets and they can go as a 3 some (not that kind of 3 some, get your mind out of the gutter).

Not only is attending hockey games not really my thing but the game date just happened to fall on the night that the clocks spring ahead and I also qualified to bowl in a bowling tournament out of town the next morning (which came an hour earlier). Papa Bear is lucky I love him let me tell you.

We started our evening out stuck on a smelly, fully loaded bus making our way through the Windsor Detroit underwater tunnel to the USA for an hour. Normally this trip is a 5 minute trip... Around the half way point one of the guys squished into the back of the bus says out loud "I really have to fart. I was trying to hold it in but this is taking too long and I can't hold it in any longer" and then he did. When we arrived at Cobo Centre we were already late for the game as the bus load of people walked briskly/ran for the arena. Oh, did I mention that it was pouring rain? It was pouring rain. We got to our - well not OUR seats (our seats were occupied by butts that didn't belong to us) but close to our seats about 10 minutes into the first period - and 3 goals... The Wings were ahead so it was fine.

About 2 seconds after we sat down I discovered that sitting behind me and slightly to my left was one of those super loud fans that screams at both teams all through the game at the top of his lungs. We will call him Southern Hick since he and his wife had a nice southern drawl to their screams. Just freaking great. By about the middle of the second period not only was I deaf in my left ear but the left sleeve of my jacket was also damp from all the saliva that was flyng from this loud mouth's yap when he yelled. Thanks SH!

At some one point during the game a player from the opposing team was given a penalty for "hooking" to which SH responded loudly (in my ear and all over my sleeve), "your mother is a hooker!" and then turned to Mrs. SH and asked "did I just say that?"
"Yaw, you did"
"Sorry dear"
Oh my.

SH couldn't just join his fellow Red Wings fans in chanting "let's go Red Wings, let's go". Nooooo while they chanted that he felt the need to fill in the words "Sabers suck!" loudly (in my ear and all over my sleeve). Apparently SH thinks that every single shot the players took was supposed to land in the net because he was some ticked off that they weren't. As if he were handed a pair of skates and a stick he would simply waltz out there and show them how it was done. Seriously buddy chill! I'm all for CHEERING on your team but this dude was seriously getting on my last nerve.

Finally after a tied game resulting in overtime, Papa Bear's team won the game and it was time to do a mad dash back out in the rain to the bus for the trip back to "our home and native land". Again on a smelly, full bus but for a much quicker ride back.

I'm glad Papa Bear enjoyed the game and that his team won but I'm definitely buying 3 tickets next time or Papa Bear is getting a sweater for his birthday next year.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SlightlyInsane to CompletelyInsane

I'm pretty sure in the last month I have gone from SlightlyInsaneStacey to CompletelyInsaneStacey. Life seems to be coming at me full speed and I'm just trying not to swallow any flies.

The blog has totally been neglected due to the craziness that is our life and I do feel bad about that because not only do I have devoted readers and a sudden rush of SITS visitors but it is also enjoyable for me. A sort of therapy to relieve the stress.

I've been busy. Busy throwing Little Bear's 7th birthday party. Nothing more fun than a group of 7ish year olds trying to bowl like the pros. They had fun though and that was the goal. Highlights include being asked if I could make a good tasting cake next time(first attempt at fondant icing = fail). It looked beautiful, tasted like crap. Another would be when I was reminded that one child routinely pukes during almost every meal and she did not disappoint. Lots of fun. Oh and on the way home I saw a dead raccoon on the side of the road wearing a party hat.

I've been busy starting a second job. Doing home parties selling purses, jewellery, scarves and other girlie things. I love it and since coffee slinging isn't paying the bills these days it is nice that I can do something I am having fun with to contribute more and make the same amount but with less hours as the coffee slinging.

Papa Bear and I have been busy planning and shopping for our new addition to our house. I'm looking forward to doubling the size of our home but not the whole construction thing. Doubling up 2 of the boys is not something I am looking forward to at all. Not even pretty, fancy bathroom facets or an extra bedroom can smooth that stress. A walk in closet comes close though. It seems almost everyday there is a message on the machine from some contractor/plumber/electrician/build something guy. At this point I am pretty sure this addition is going to be beautiful on the inside and hideous on the outside. I guess I will just have to close my eyes when I pull into the driveway.

I've also been busy trying (again and still) to potty train the untrainable Fuzzy. I hate cleaning crap out of underwear even more than dirty diapers. I don't understand how he can be dry for 9 hours of daycare and then be home for an hour and go through 3 pairs of underwear. What did he do store it all day? Thanks Fuzzy but you can leave a deposit at daycare thanks.

Hopefully life will slow down a bit soon. Until then I guess we will just have to roll with it. Busy is far better than boring and boring just isn't my thing.