Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stain Strain

It's no secret that I am not a big fan of laundry. I'm pretty sure there aren't a lot of people that are fans of laundry. What do I dislike more than doing laundry? Doing the same laundry more than once to get it clean.

I have 3 boys. Stains have a major presence in my life. I probably should have invested in stocks in Spray & Wash a long time ago. Lord knows I go through the stuff like it is going out of style. A regular sized bottle barely gets me through more than a week.

Little Bear isn't too hard on his shirts. He hits his mouth (or the floor) with his food most of the time and saving his tops. He doesn't however, ever have a single pair of pants in the laundry that don't have grass stains. I don't think that boy actually walks on his feet. I think he crawls everywhere.

Fuzzy is a very effective stainer. He never does it half-assed. If he stains a shirt it won't be a little spot around the neckline or anything simple like that. Nooooo he will completely change to colour of the entire front of a shirt resulting in multiply washes and reapplying of stain remover. He is relatively new to grass stains but let me tell you, like his tops he goes all out. I'm thinking of just buying him only green pants from here on out.

Wee One is 1.5. It is expected that he make a mess of his shirt. He does not wear white. Period. Wee One is a toddler. He toddles. When one toddles they also topple quite often which contributes to the stain count. The problem with treating Wee Ones stains is that the grass stains are not specific to the knees of his pants but also the cuffs and most of the backside. Since he has taken to thinking he is a big boy and can use the big boy slide on the climber he has also started to grass stain his shirts. I guess it happens when you do a face plant at the bottom 4 out of 5 times. Doesn't seem to faze him because he keeps doing it regardless of Papa Bear and I's discouragement.

Half the stains I end up having to treat multiple times are acquired when my boys are not with me. Daycare is a great source for stains but I expect that and so Fuzzy wears a lot of black, brown and navy there. I can measure fun by the number of stains he comes home from daycare with. Little Bear collects a lot of stains at school. Also expected. Some from Grandmas and some from X's and a good portion from when I'm working through dinner and Papa Bear is in charge at meal time. When Mama is home we eat just about anything red shirtless...well they do, I don't. Ok well sometimes I do but only when I'm dining alone.

I find myself getting mad at the stains. "Why won't you just come out!?" My boys jeans are half worn out by the time I've washed them enough times to get the stains out. It doesn't seem to matter which stain remover I try either. I have tried everything and Spray & Wash kicks butt on grass stains so that's usually what I'm packing.

Now you will have to excuse me I need to go change half the load of laundry over to the dryer and respray and rewash the other half...