Friday, August 13, 2010

Colour My World

We have almost reached that point in our renovations where we will be ready to paint by next week. Most people would be excited by this. I am not. This means the queen of procrastination must make several decisions in a short period of time.

At present I have enough paint swatches that I could forgo the painting and instead tile in swatches. Kind of like a patchwork quilt sort of thing. Will probably match everything.

When I started thinking about paint...2 days ago. I realized that every room currently painted in my house is blue or green with the only exceptions being the laundry room and the "70's room" (the only room that did not get touched during our last renovation 3 years ago and still has 70's style wood paneling on the bottom of the wall, fake rock paneling on the top and tiled ceiling). Boy am I exciting with my rainbow of colours. Not.

Since I am design challenged and need to get this task done I went to the paint store - sorry, the paint and accent gallery in downtown Stinkburg for some assistance. The dude behind the counter (dressed all in black - how typical) was more than willing to help and proceeded to throw swatch after swatch in my direction until I stood there with about a dozen shades of the same colours in my hands but not knowing what room they were intended for.

Apparently when I told him the other colours in my home he took that to mean I would like to continue in that same colour template and therefore loaded me up with swatches mostly in blues, greens and browns. I am most thrilled about a yellowish swatch that I'm almost sure was thrown at me by mistake.

Next he gave me a 10 minute spiel on which paint was the best and how to apply it. I don't want to apply it. Thanks for reminding me that it wasn't going to just spontaneously appear on my walls but that I am actually going to have to do manual labour and put it there. I hate painting. I hate painting almost as much as I hate waiting. So now I get to paint, then wait (for it to dry), then paint some more and then wait some more. Sounds like a gallon of fun. Not.

Papa Bear is not making this paint colour selection much fun either. He vetoes my choices when I chose Barbie pink for my walk-in closet. I don't get to paint pink anywhere else. I want to buy pink paint damn it!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares every night until I decided on colours of being taped up with painters tape and forced to watch HGTV for days on end. Maybe I'll just take the yellow swatch and paint every room in the addition that colour.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!!

I understand your frustration completely~~I know from past experiences of the glorious painting jobs in my life~ I also became overwhelmed and said !@#$ it and painted everything white! My logical side said that it was bright and clean~~ I was half right with the bright, but with young children who have fingers it was a nightmare~~ My only suggestions is maybe go and hire a interior decorator for help~~ they at least know what will suite the room and bring the room together or my other off`the`wall suggestion is send a photo of each room to Steven and Chris the tv talk show hosts of Canada they are really good at this stuff~~`

Anonymous said...

Hey girl last comment belongs to me (Marie Deschenes)

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

We are at the same point, of making final choices for colours. And by that I mean watching endless hours of hgtv, saying all the time we hate that crap, and making no progress whatsoever on our own house.