Thursday, April 4, 2013

Naming Baby Cuatro


     With baby #4 on his way in just 9.5(ish) weeks.  Papa Bear and I find ourselves still playing the name game.  We have known since about 21 weeks that this baby is going to be another boy which you would think would make things easier since we only have to concentrate on boys' name.  You would think but that is not at all the case.  We could agree on a girl's name before we even knew what the little peanut was going to be.  Boy names are a different story.

    I like more original names - not awkward sounding, made up names but more original than say, Peter.  I'm not a big fan of trendy names or anything rhyming with Aiden, Caiden, or Brayden.  Papa Bear likes his grandfather's name which I don't hate but it is common and very plain.  Beside the other 3 boys' names is just sounds like we ran out of imagination when naming #4.  I also know about 4 other  little ones with that name that will be in the same age range as my little man.  I was 1 of 4 Stacey's in my class for most of my elementary school years and went to school with several Jennifers, Jessicas, Jasons and Stevens.  So far none of my boys have a duplicate of their name in any of their classes.

   It may be because I have had to do it so many times, but picking boys names seems to be much harder.  I could think of a dozen girl names that I would name a daughter but I have already had to pick the perfect boy's name 3 times.  When picking a girl name you just have to make sure it doesn't rhyme with anything that could be used against her by other kids and doesn't mistake her for a boy (some people fail on 1 or both of these points).  When it comes to boy names you have to be careful to choose a name that suits a baby, doesn't get him beat up as a teenager and still suits a grown man.  I can't call a baby Lyle and have a hard time calling a grown man Sabastian (no offence to any Sabastians out there it just doesn't scream masculine to me).

   Papa Bear isn't big on the name I like best.  I'm not sure if it is too "out there" for him,  if he just doesn't like the way it rolls of the tongue or the fact that Fuzzy told us it is also the name of a character from Lego Ninjago (which I was not aware).  The reactions from the few people I have mentioned the name I like are split down the middle.  That doesn't help sell the name to Papa Bear and it doesn't make me overly confident in the name myself.

   The days are ticking by and this little prince is going to be here before we know it so we better get our acts together and pick a name.  We have one name that is a compromise of parts that we both want and both like at this point but that could change too.  When people ask if we have a name chosen I tell them we can't agree on a name and at this point we are just going to call him Cuatro (after all "Four" is too boring).  I'm still banking on Papa Bear caving when he seems me go through the pain of labour again and tells me I can call him whatever I want :).

*Feel free to leave any boy name suggestions in the comments.  Who knows maybe you will suggest something we haven't thought of.