Monday, May 11, 2009

25 again

Happy Birthday to me.

Birthdays are so different when you are 20-something compaired to when you are 6. You still have a hard time sleeping the night before. When you are 6 you are sitting up the night before excited for your big day, maybe a party, your gifts, being a year older and holding up one more finger when someone asks your age. When you are 20-something you lay in bed recounting the last year and what you wanted to accomplish and didn't or how close you are getting to that next landmark (30 isn't so far away). I really don't think there is any need for birthdays after your 25th. I would be more than happy to just let it ride after that one.

I still take my birthday off work every year. Before it was to go out and celebrate now it is so nobody else can see me in my depression of meeting another year that brings me farther from my youth. Today I spent my day refereeing my 3 little men and trying to recover from my lack of sleep last night. There was no cake but my 6 year old did sing happy birthday for me with his 2.5 year old brother singing back up. That was pretty cool I must admit.

Oh well, here's too another year before I have to worry about being another year older. Here, here!