Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

BOO! Tis Halloween. One of the most fun days of the year. This year I had three of my stinkers for the occasion. (Last year the two oldest boys spent Halloween with X). I dressed Wee One as the cutest little spider you have ever seen. Fuzzy was a beaver, fully equipped with big beaverish tail and bucked teeth. I thought Little Bear, who is now 6.5 would want to be Spider Man or a Transformer or something like that but no, he choose to be a giant banana. OK son as you wish. I tried really hard to get Papa Bear to dress up as a cow and I would be a milk maid (appropriate since Papa Bear is a milkman) but no go. Little by little I am "helping" Papa Bear to be a little less serious but that was just too big a step this year. I did however talk him into putting on his coveralls and boots to match me in my overalls, rubber boots, plaid shirt, pigtails and straw hat to be a farmer and his wife. (I will work on the cow thing for next year).

I grew up in town where we trick or treated by going door to door collecting candy from each house in our neighbourhood so that at the end of the night we were as tired as our treat bags were full...VERY. We live in the country now and country people trick or treat differently. Country folk DRIVE door to door and though they don't get much exercise or go to half as many houses they still end up with as much booty. In the country you know all the people who's door you knock on. They are expecting you and instead of dropping a couple of chocolate bars in your bag and sending you on your way they drop a meal in your bag.

In town you were lucky to get a couple of cans of pop and a few full size chocolate bars mixed in with your millions of tiny chocolate bars and miniature bags of chips. In the country you get cartons of milk, juice boxes, cookies, bags made up with fruit snacks and crackers and other more healthy goodies.

We went to nine houses in total. Most in the country and a few in town. We still managed to come home with three well stocked bags of goodies. Papa Bear and I being such good parents, took care of a good portion of the chocolate goodies after the boys went to bed as to preserve their dental health or course.

All in all I think country trick or treating was the best bet this year. It was really cold out so it was kind of nice to only be out from the van to the house and back again. I think all three boys had fun even though I'm pretty sure Wee One didn't have a clue what was going on or why we made him wear such funny clothes. I'm looking forward to next year already.

Edited to add (and I don't know how I forgot this part), that I'm pretty sure Papa Bear had a good time too especially since one of our neighbours who just happens to be pretty frigging hot for her age, answered the door soaking wet in only a towel fresh out of the shower. I guess you could say that was Papa Bears "treat". Happy Halloween Papa Bear and Happy Halloween to you too!