Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pass Gas With Class

I don't claim to be extremely lady like at all times by any means but when did it become acceptable for woman to burp and fart in public like a caveman? Is that not still a rude thing to do?

I know we all have to burp or let one rip from time to time but am I alone in thinking that it should be done discreetly or blamed on my kids when in public? Too often lately I have found myself surrounded by burpers and farters who think it is their duty to let the world know that they had chili for lunch. They let 'em rip loud and proud without an ounce of concern.

I'm embarrassed if a belch or fart escapes my body when there are other people around-other than Papa Bear - I can appreciate a well executed "dutch oven" as well as anyone else but these burpers and farters just don't seem to care where or when they let go.

It's bad enough when men do it(I think it part of how they communicate to each other) but come on ladies we should conduct ourselves with a little more class. I doubt men really find burping and farting in front of their family and friends a sexy quality in the women of their dreams. I don't ever remember hearing any guy say "did you hear that giant stinky fart that came out of that blonde? I'm going to take her home with me if she didn't crap her pants!"

Old ladies are an exception. They likely think they are being discreet because they are too deaf to hear the kinds of sounds that come out of their bodies and I've never heard my grandmother go "ahhhh, that feels better, I bet you can't do better". Young children can also get away with such rudeness because their cuteness is more powerful therefore it trumps the rudeness.

I think a woman burping and farting in public is something I would most likely see in a trailer park by a bleach blonde tramp, wearing sleazy clothes that show off too much of her crackhead body with missing teeth (other than the teeth thing I think I just described my ex husbands ex girlfriend) but unfortunately they are everywhere laughing at the disgusting sounds (and smells) they are producing from their bodies and forcing the rest of us to hold our tongues (and our noses) from telling them just how rude they are.


SweetyPi said...

ya, the picture did it for me. No, you're not the only one that thinks it's a little rude, but I don't care who it came from! At home, sure, it's a regular game my husband plays with our neighbours, but when we're out.. nope, doesn't happen. But hubby & I find it very rude if we're out and the running joke is to see who can emit the grossest odor from a bodily function possible. Not cool, dude, not cool.

Anonymous said...

Good old double standards

Tootie McTootie said...

True, true Stace...but don't you remember the good ole days at the old Donut Shack one day when one "slipped" out in front of an entire line of people at lunch time and how we couldn't hold it together. And the poor Boston Creams that melted (LMAO). Hence the name Tootie!!!!! LOL

slightlyinsanestacey said...

Oh, I will never forget that "Tootie". I won't forget how you let it "slip" and took off to leave me with a line of customers to serve by myself unable to control my laughter! Oh the good ole days. In all fairness though you did excuse yourself and were a BIT of a lady about it lol.

LeTezzzMaster said...

Dear Stace,

Your air biscuts are freak'n deadly!
Nonetheless, a pleasant surprise.
Someone pass her the beans!

p.s. Noice blogg lady! Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

You are talking about something that happens naturally everyone does it. So in your mind women sould be doubled over in pain trying not to offend the spoiled rich bitches of the world. Besides whats more rude something that is a natural thing or someone that thinks they are the best of everything and says no one can top them.

slightlyinsanestacey said...

Wow you got that from my post..hmmm I think you should re-read it. I didn't say don't let one go if you have to I just think it should be done DISCREETLY. The name of the post is Pass Gas With Class not Don't Fart. You think I haven't farted in public? I just don't go into hysterics or brag about it. I also don't think that only RICH people are offended by women (or really anyone) having a farting contest in public. I'm not rich by a llloooonnnngggg shot and I am offended by this. "So in your mind..." - I don't think you see into my mind at all so if you can't read it properly and want to read more into it than I actually wrote I think you should probably just skip my blog in the future. I'm not running for office, I'm just trying to make people laugh and succeeding for the most part.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me Stacey let's it go in public...I can remember when she was my boss at the donut shack and asked me to bake...then i went over to grab a tray and she says "oh believe me you don't wnat to come over here" WOW that woman stinks and to think she blamed in on the fact she was carrying poor little wee one!!