Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Boy(s)

Oh boy, I am raising three boys. This has presented a few challenges. The biggest problem with bringing up three little men is that, well, I'm a girl!

I have no experience being a boy. I don't understand how they think. I grew up with only brothers but that doesn't even really seem to be helpful.

Boys are gross. They just are. Fuzzy regularly brings his boogers to me on his finger and wants me to take care of it. EWWW, Fuzzy boogers are gross, put it in a kleenex and throw it in the trash. We do not need a show and tell. Fuzzy is also my bug collector and has even tasted a few. Little Bear insists on eating his lunch in three bites or less. I have never seen a little girl chow down like a little boy. Breathe boy, breathe. Wee One is still in the early stages of grossness and it is not as obvious as it is with his brothers.

Boys are weird. Yesterday I was changing Fuzzy's diaper and he had himself a little baby ummm..."tall friend" and was asking about it when Little Bear walked by and informed me that his penis does that sometimes too - when it gets tired of just hanging down all the time and if he plays with it a little bit it does that.....ummm...OK.

Boys are crazy. I have seen plenty of little girls with lots of energy but I'm sorry little ladies you can not compare to the non stop rhythm of a young boy. All day long they go, go, go. I'm down to only one that actually has a nap in the day so there isn't much down time around here. I am completely exhausted with chasing them all day long.

Boys play different than girls too. I have never turned my sandwich crust into any kind of vehicle and drove it around the table making motor noises. It amazes me at how many different items I have seen turned in to cars, trucks, tractors, and airplanes. Geez, it's a sippy cup kid, not a city bus.

Having all boys has some advantages. It is easier to pick out my pink and purple clothes out of the basket of folded laundry. Nobody will be borrowing my clothes or shoes as they get older (well, I guess this isn't really a guarantee but less likely than if I had daughters). We use less toilet paper (no need to wipe when you can shake). Nobody in my household will ever come home and tell me they are pregnant. I don't have to worry about vacuuming up Barbie shoes. There are no crying, peeing, pooping dolls kicking around (just actual kids that do those things).

Raising boys has posed it's share of challenges but it has certainly been entertaining so far as I'm sure it will continue to be. Lord give me the strength to endure. I'm raising three boys, oh boy.


Sheri Franklin said...

Hastings sounds much like Fuzzy! She picks her nose and brings me her boogers - same thought - can't ya get rid of those yourself? And she loves bugs. Picks them up wherever she finds them. She doesn't turn everything into something you can drive though, she turns everything into a bed - washclothes, towels, blankets - its looks like a make-shift infirmiry in her most days!
Enjoy those boys, regardless of their grossness and super energy, they grow up WAY too fast! :)

Kari said...

Ha ha ha. I have 2 boys after having 2 girls. I was an only, so had no prior experience with boys. Yes, they are bundles of energy and a testament to entropy (the theory that everything in the universe is moving toward a state of chaos)! Everything at our house is a weapon and our purpose is to see how we can explode and destroy anything that can't be made into a weapon. Bombs are our preferable weapon of mass destruction! But they are simpler than girls--no drama, less moodiness. Feed them, cuddle them, play with them and they're happy. None of this "my bff isn't talking to me, so I'll disappear into my cave to sulk."
All in all, I love all 4 with their different temperments and personalities. Wouldn't trade any of the chaos for anything!