Friday, August 7, 2009

Real Women Have Curves

Today I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about women and weight. We talked about a couple specific people that we both know and where they fall on Sketch's scale. I came to a friend, Sketch is either a horrible, horrible little man OR measures on a completely different scale than most.

Sketch's idea of "thick" or "bigger" girls is pretty much anyone that ate today. Though he didn't call me "thick" or "bigger" he did say it about girls that I compare to in size. Perhaps he thinks I just fell off the turnip truck and didn't catch this. I kind of wanted to punch Sketch right square in his little nose which sits upon his little head a top his skinny little body but then I realized it just didn't matter.

Before you think that I spent my night with my face buried in a tub of ice cream or standing in front of the mirror dissecting my bulges think again. I know I am NOT "thick" or "bigger" but even if I was I wouldn't let this skinny little man's measurement make me think less of myself. Do I have my share of body image issues? Sure I do but those are my own, not ideas put in my head by any other person.

With people who measure like Sketch it is no wonder that I know a very slender six year old girl who is already concerned about her weight or rather the worry that she will some day get "fat". It is sad that she is thinking about someone else's idea of what she should look like already at such a young age.

Poor Sketch he just doesn't even have a clue. "Thick" by his measurement is more like average. If he adjusted his scale of measurement to reflect truth he may open himself up to see that an average women is not stick thin with no existence of an ass and only skin covering her protruding bones. Real women have curves buddy and I am a real women.


Anonymous said...

At first when reading this blog I was hurt and frustrated, not only was I miss understood this is a very sensitive topic that men have no business discussing. I wanted to write this big retort on how much of an in justice this was and blah blah bore. This happens alot in my life, I don't process things on the same level as the average person, there is so much more to the bigger picture. I think of you as Athletic to average body type. I'm somewhere between skinny to average(it would be athletic but I do not work out or walk or work or anything that would build up a sweat) Thus why I am getting giggly. Stace I'm really sorry that I hurt your feeling. I also agree very much with real women have curves. Curves doesn't make you thick though. I view thick as 140lbs or heavier in a rough viewing only there is so much more reasons why I would call someone thick or heavy, thing is its not just about weight compared to hieght compared to age. It's what you do with it. Some women are just all boob, little to no butt or stomach. So with out the boob they would be super skinny.My mother alone lost what seemed be 30lbs of boob in her operation. Some are all butt. So some could wieght 140 and up and not be classified as thick. There is alot more to the bigger picture and I dont think I have enough time. Men have a completely different scale and granted this is only on my view on reality. Everyones is different. Isnt that what life is about? convincing others why your view of reality is better!


Anonymous said...

Something tells me that this "Sketch" character would probably score pretty low on a lot of scales.

slightlyinsanestacey said...

OH, No, Sketch is great. We have been friends for a lot of years. I was just very surprised to hear how he measured the "size" of a woman. By having the discussion and then hearing what I thought on the matter I think I made him think a bit too. Don't hate on Sketch just because the guy is completely wrong :D