Friday, January 1, 2010

The Bear Family in 2009

Another year gone by. We say goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010. Last night while waiting for that all important strike of midnight I started to think about the year gone by (which went by incredibly quickly). I thought about all the changes that have happened and all the things the Bear Family has done in a year or 12 months or 52 weeks or 365 days. A lot of stuff to think about.

Little Bear turned 6 in 2009. He started grade one and went to school all day everyday which was a big adjustment. He learned to read. He went on his first roller coaster. He dressed as a big banana for Halloween. He learned how to do simple things like pour milk like a pro and butter toast. He learned to skate and bowled for the first time.

Fuzzy turned 3 in 2009. He started to go to daycare more often and made new friends there. He started to talk far more than he did before. He learned how to dress himself pretty well and learned to sing songs and recite his ABC's. He went on his first real family vacation. He gave up his soother (finally). He learned to feed himself without wearing most of his dinner. He dressed as a beaver for Halloween. He learned to be a big brother. He learned how to jump and how to turn on the TV with the remote (not big feats for you or I but huge for Fuzzy).

Wee One turned 1 in 2009. He had lots of firsts this past year. First tooth, first words, first steps, gave his first kisses. He learned to escape his crib and therefore also learned to sleep in a "big boy" bed. He learned to feed himself. He learned that he owns Grandma and Grandpa. He dressed as a spider for Halloween. He went swimming for the first time and saw Santa for the first time. He also unfortunately had his first ambulance ride and first stitches in 2009 as well.

Papa Bear turned 30 in 2009. He bought a new truck. He bowled his first 300 game (357 to be exact). He went on his first family vacation as a Papa and not one of the kids. He dressed up for Halloween for the first time since being a kid (at my insistence). He learned how to take the ribbing he gets in a lot of my blogs with a smile. He survived another year with my insanity! I think he learned to let go a little and be a little silly sometimes (seriousness causes wrinkles).

I turned 28 in 2009 (and feel 30 breathing down my neck everyday). I took all 3 of my kids on a true family vacation (and it was great). I went back to work outside of a management role for the first time in several years. I enjoyed plenty of awesome craziness with the Crazy Mama Society. I participated in the MS Walk with the Crazy Mamas and raised $1000 for the cause. I learned better ways to deal with some things that were an issue before and I started to blog.

In 2009 we welcomed another member to our family, Gunner our Golden Retriever. He's a moron but we love him just the same.

I watched my boys grow this year in ways that leave me in awe. We may not have accomplished huge things this year but we did do a lot for a family of Bears.