Monday, January 4, 2010

Dining With The Mischievious Misters

Having dinner with my family is never dull. We rarely make it through a meal without incident. I'm not sure if it is life with boys or just life with kids but I don't remember acting like that when I was a kid.

We start the dinner off with Little Bear complaining that we made something for dinner that we know he doesn't like...even though he cleaned his plate and had seconds the last time we had that exact meal. Fuzzy will look in his bowl and exclaim that what's in it is "asgusting" which doesn't really mean anything because he will usually eat it anyway. Perhaps "asgusting" is just "Fuzzish" for "Yummy, that looks delicious"? Wee One will most often start his dinner off by loading his diaper. Bon Appetit!

After Little Bear and Fuzzy concede that is the only thing the are going to get for dinner and Wee One gets cleaned up we go through the picking/flicking/throwing/dropping and stashing of food. Little Bear picks, Fuzzy flicks and drops and Wee One picks, flicks, throws, drops and stashes. There is a small quarter sized hole in the side of Wee One's booster seat where the tray used to be attached and this is where most of his meal ends up...and his fork.

Little Bear ate his dinner pretty well tonight after tearing himself away from the "DIY" (Do It Yourself) Network. Fuzzy didn't really want to eat his "asgusting gina" (ass-gust-ing gi-na) at first. I'm pretty sure he meant "asgusting lasagna" because we were indeed eating lasagna and "gina" is what he calls "lady parts". Wee One refused to eat his and pushed his plate away. I'm not offended I'm sure he will gobble down a whole bowl the next time we have it. Some how we managed to escape any noodles on the floor for a change.

Fuzzy's latest dinner time act includes him standing on the side of his chair instead of sitting and passing (loud) gas and asking "did you hear that noise? huh? did you hear it?" I know what he has been eating for lunch lately and I don't know where all that gas is coming from but I hope he gets bored of his new game which sends his older brother into hysterics soon. Until then I guess I'm stuck dining with the Mischievous Misters "laugh at the gas" game and all.