Thursday, July 16, 2009

20 Random Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die

1. Skydive (I think it would be freaking awesome, unless of course my chute fails and I plummet to my death)
2. See a palm tree (I have never been ANYWHERE)
3. See a mountain (nope, never been ANYWHERE)
4. Take my kids to Disney Land (again I have never been ANYWHERE)
5. Retire (I would like to do this BEFORE I die not upon my death)
6. Meet someone truly famous (not like Kurt Browning famous, like Brad Pitt famous)
7. Write a book of some sort even if it is never published (been thinking about this for a while but don't know where to start other than "once upon a time")
8. Get an apology from a specific person who never apologizes but from whom I feel I am owed an apology.
9. Go to a Ireland (I don't know why Ireland but yeah, Ireland)
10. Have a positive relationship with my children to the very end of my days (don't want to be known as that jerk that raised me)
11. Dye my hair a shocking colour and wear it with pride
12. Be recognized for something major I have done
13. Ski
14. Hold my grandchildren (and be glad the diapers are someone else's problem)
15. Take a vacation BY MYSELF (I think the only TRUE way to have a vacation)
16. Own and drive a beetle (Ok, I'm a geek but I have always wanted to)
17. See a concert (of at least a half decent band)
18. Work somewhere besides the Donut Shack (after nearly 11 years this one isn't looking very promising)
19. Drive a Combine (it's a farm thing)
20. Be the Master of Ceremonies at someones wedding (I think I would kill it)


Amanda said...

great list! i'd like to do most of those too. always wanted a bettle too but you'll never see me skydiving. i'm a chicken shit!

emilyjjohnston said...

I think this blog helps you be well on your way to number seven, and bonus it is published!