Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank God I'm A Country Girl

When Papa Bear and I first started talking, before we ever went out, he asked me a question. A question that was very important to him...Can you ever see yourself living in the country? The answer, YES!

For all of my life up until the 2 oldest boys and I moved out here to the farm I have lived in town. A small town, not as bad as a big city but still a town. A town where your neighbours can see what you are watching on TV and the mailman cuts across your yard. Where my driveway was no wider than my car and only big enough to fit a few cars. Where you could hear sirens and other peoples' music blasting. Where everyone in the neighbourhood was affected by a backyard BBQ.

I much prefer living in the country. I like to wear my rubber boots as much as possible (doesn't hurt that they are super cute pink rubber boots with flowers on them). I like that I never have to worry about what I wear when I put Little Bear on the bus and I like to hang my underwear on the clothesline and not worry about who is going to see them (there is nothing better than wind blown fresh underpants).

I like to look out in my backyard and see the crops that Papa Bear planted there and that he will harvest. I like that my boys get a first hand look at how things grow and the work involved in farming. I like how excited they get when they get to go for a ride in the tractor or the combine.

I like to run around and play in my giant wide open yard with my kids without worrying about how much noise they are making or how silly we look. I like that my kids are free to ride their bikes without being on the road and that we have our own park only steps from our back door.

Of course there are things that I don't like so much about living in the country, like no cable or high speed internet. I don't much like that the septic tank sometimes acts a fool and decides not to take the poop away but rather back up beside my back door. I don't like that a little country mouse knocked out our phone for days when he decided to make his nest in the connection box and most of all I don't like that my van is NEVER clean because of the several trips down our dirt road.

I don't know why I lived in town for all those years when the country is really where I feel I most belong. People ask me all the time if I like living in the country, my answer is always the same, "Thank god, I'm a country girl"


manincamo said...

a big thumbs up from me

emilyjjohnston said...

So I see you've been checking your group wall? I really like the description...who doesn't love fresh blown underpants? (That may have a different meaning for women than it does men...:P) I've never had the pleasure to live in the country, but loved visiting the farm well enough. There are pro's and con's to both. Right now, I'm happy on the edge of town along my creekbank...but one day I have aspirations to join you in the country lifestyle. The privacy must be really nice, and your kids will always have fond memories of having more opportunity to play and do what they want without worrying about what the other neighborhood kids might think. That really is a great gift for them.