Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got Ink?

Tattoos. Lots of people have them. I have one. Nothing exciting. Just a little something that I got when I was 17. Not really unique in anyway. Not in a very good spot. Its a little blue butterfly in the middle of my back. It really doesn't get seen much since my bikini days are about 6.5 years gone.

I like tattoos. Wait, let me rephrase that. I like TASTEFUL tattoos. I'm not a fan of having some one's name (besides your children) branded on your body. I'm sure about 75% of these such tattoos result in a cover up or serve as a sad reminder of a bad choice. Chinese tattoos are also risky. A symbol you thought meant "serenity" really means "one who wears dirty underpants". If you have one of these Chinese symbol tattoos and random Chinese people laugh at you, you might want to check this possibility.

Placement of tattoos is also important. I don't like tattoos on a persons face. What are you a circus clown?
A tattoo of heart on your abdomen may look more like a picture of a kidney after a couple of kids. Are you going to enjoy explaining to your grandkids what the "F.T.W." stands for on your forearm? Though my tattoo is boring and unoriginal if it starts to look old and wrinkly as I age I'm not too worried about it. It's on my back, I can't see it.

I would really like to get another tattoo some day. I'm not sure of what or where on my body but for sure something. Maybe something with my kids names in it (NOT in Chinese though).

Papa Bear doesn't have a tattoo and says he will never get one. I don't know why not. Maybe he's too scared or too cool or maybe the thought of shaving off some of his fur concerns him. He says it's because he doesn't like needles even though I tell him that I don't either and it doesn't look or feel like a needle.

Perhaps I can convince him to get matching Chinese symbol tattoos. One that means "one who wears dirty underpants" and one that means "one who cleans them".


manincamo said...

funny ending