Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

This week I have been called lots of names by different people. Some of them warranted and some of them not.

I was called "bitchy" and "bossy" by a lady at work (not to my face of course, just to everyone else in the hut). Why? For some reason it is bitchy to ask someone to do their job. Apparently it is too much to ask that they listen to what the heck the customer asked them for...and get it. If we are going to get paid the same should we not do the same amount of work? Come on lady, keep your name calling to yourself and keep up. Less jaw-jacking, more coffee pouring.

I was called names by a relative who has become an unwelcome member of my blog audience. Interesting that I am criticized for the way I treat people yet it is OK if they call a member of their "family" nasty names. I guess I should be glad it isn't behind my back anymore. Who's the bitch there? Take the knife out of my back and move along.

I was called a meanie by my 6 year old. A meanie because I asked him to eat some of his veggies at dinner and because I made him go to bed on time. I'm so sorry son that I want you to get proper nutrition to grow. I'm so sorry if I think that getting a good night sleep is more important than getting in some TV time. Dreams are better than cartoons anyways, go to bed.

Bitch seems to be a favourite. I think this is because a lot of people lack the creativity to come up with something original or because they are one themselves so they think they can identify their own kind.

What makes me a bitch? I'm not saying I am and I'm not saying I'm not but I will admit to ACTING like a bitch on an occasion or two...or three...or four. I am definitely not a "bitch" in the traditional meaning of the word as I am not a canine. Am I a bitch because I will tell the truth? I'm not sure when honesty no longer became the best policy but it seems people would rather be lied to. Am I a bitch because I will say things to your face where other people will say far worse behind your back? Whatever, most names don't penetrate my super, duper, ultra strong, anti name calling force field anyways.

When people call me names I just remember that childhood rhyme, "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names will never hurt me". The rhyme holds true for the most part although sometimes it is the source that does indeed hurt though I rarely admit to that. I usually just try to make a joke of it. That way if it does hurt I can try to fool myself into thinking that it doesn't. Works for me most of the time.

That's all from this Bitch on this subject for now.


SweetyPi said...

Sticks & Stones indeed doll. That's ok, from one bitch to another, I think you're pretty darn cool.

beccaferr said...

It's called jealousy.....they are just jealous that they can't write funny, interesting, fantastic, to the point, halarious, factual stories like you can. So you are right, the only word they can come up with is BITCH! So, the next time someone calls you a BITCH just say "THANKS I AM GLAD YOU NOTICED" (it seem to work for me lol)