Friday, July 24, 2009

Die With a T

I have never been on a diet. Not that I shouldn't just that I don't have the will power to do it so why bother setting myself up for failure. I have the will power to quit smoking (thrice) but not to lose a couple of fifteen pounds. To me diet is DIE with a T.

I step on the scale every now and then with hopes of wishful shrinking but really I'm not surprised when there is no change to those ugly numbers. So I shove the scale way under the vanity so I can forget that I own one.

I love food. Love it. If I crave it, I eat. Its not like I'm anti vegetable or anything, I like carrot cake (Ha!). No seriously I really do like vegetables and's just that I also really like potato chips, ice cream and bacon.

I'm also terrible for late night snacking. It's like I'm bored just sitting in front of the TV or computer so I need to fill my face. I know this is no good but I can't help it. I'm not very good at portion control either. I say (type) this as I finish off the other half of a bag of chips I opened yesterday...

I tried exercise but I don't really like to sweat. About the only exercise I would really be interested in would be swimming because the sweat gets washed about but due to my bathing suit issues this isn't likely to happen very often either. That leaves chasing my kids, doing housework and running around for 8 hours at a time at the Donut Shack as my only sources of exercise.

I was actually losing a tiny bit of weight doing the step aerobics and hula hooping on the Wii Fit but once the batteries died in the Wii Fit board that was the end of that. The Crazy Mamas planned on walking nightly or at least weekly but that plan never made lift off.

My new plan to make myself appear thinner is to discourage my friends from dieting and bake them lots of goodies so they get bigger creating an optical illusion that I am smaller.


Tootie McTootie said...

Good plan Stace.....hope it works for you. lol. If you want, I am swimming at the local hotel doing some laps. So, call me if you ever want to go.