Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm angry. Angry at the world lately. Angry at work, angry at home, angry in traffic, angry at night, angry in the morning, angry all day long.

I didn't even realize it until the last couple of days that I am so angry. I need to chill or I'm going to have a heart attack before my 30th birthday. The stupidest crap is making me angry.

I'm angry at home. Angry that my house is a pig sty and I don't even know where to start. This is a direct link to something else at home that is making me angry, not being able to find ANYTHING. Thus causing me to hunt for 20 minutes to find a hat for each of my kids. A hat, something we have a million of but can't find 1.

I'm angry at work. Angry at coworkers (who don't do their job to the same degree as I do but still get paid the same - I'm not saying I'm perfect but I'm putting a ton more effort in that a lot). Angry at customers (that do/say dumb stuff - I really just want to "Soup Nazi" their coffee...NO COFFEE FOR YOU!) Angry about stupid little things that mount up to big heap of things to be angry about. Doing jobs like sweeping or mopping the Donut Shack provide me with time to think about all the things that make me angry at work and therefore just make me angrier so by the time I'm done I'm red in the face MAD.

I'm angry in traffic. Angry because 3/4 of the drivers on the road don't really know HOW to drive and end up cutting me off, not waiting their turn at an all-way stop and are incapable of using a signal. So far I have kept my anger mostly to myself and have only said a few 4 letter words with the boys in the van.

I don't know why I am so angry. I am not generally a crazy hostile person but I am really worked up. I don't know how to shake this off but hopefully this is short lived and I can go back to enjoying my job and let some things roll off my back. I really don't like being so angry. I just am.


SweetyPi said...

Right there with you sister. That's why I'm taking off in a week to just be me:) (And maybe throw in a couple nights of extreme drunkenness to ease the tension)

Anonymous said...

embrace the anger. I have been angry apparently for 38 years, and yet the people keep poking the lion. "you have anger problems" is what they say to me....really, wouldn't it be nice if people would just say "you seem angry, and I think it really brings a glow to your face that just brings out your best features."
Thank you for always expressing the truth.

slightlyinsanestacey said...

Oh Anonymous you made my day. I read this right after I go done work and I have to tell you, it put a smile on my angry face.