Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday Rescued

Sometimes a little something tickles your funny bone when you most need it. That happened to me today and I'm glad because it saved my day.

Today is Monday. (It will probably be Tuesday by the time this is actually posted but at the moment it is Monday dammit). If you follow my blog you know just how well Monday and I get along, or DON'T get along. Today started out just like most Mondays. Today was a work Monday so that added to the Mondayness of this particular Monday.

The morning consisted mainly of chaos and miserable people. Miserable people who were probably miserable because it is Monday and Monday gets them too. I managed to make it through without going "caffeinated" on anyone ("going caffeinated" is the Donut Shack equivalent to "going postal" at the post office in case you didn't know).

By early afternoon I was sent to sweep the floors. With my trusty mode of transportation...I mean broom I started out on my task. I was sweeping away in the bathrooms when a man came in. He said to me "Oh, is this a bad time?".
I responded, "ummmm...sir I don't really think there is ever a good time for you to be in the women's washroom"...he was in the wrong bathroom. After a bit of grumbling about there not being a urinal and being embarrassed he headed to his intended destination.

Now, even though he didn't have a clue, this gentlemen saved my day. He unintentionally provided me with some oh so very needed comic relief. Right there in the middle of my less than fantastic day he made me smile (and giggle and maybe even laugh out loud a bit). Thank you for rescuing my Monday sir.


Chesty McBreasty said...

LMAO, after my very very crappy Monday, having you tell me that story rescued my day too! It's just as funny reading it again!!