Sunday, July 5, 2009

If You Build It, They Will Swing

6-8 hours to assemble. HA! This is what it said on the assembly instructions for the build-it-yourself climber/swing set Papa Bear bought for the kiddos. This included the time it would take to cut all the boards to the appropriate size. Maybe 6-8 hours if you had a crew of 10 people or if you were to consume 1/2 a dozen energy drinks. After 9.5 hours we had a ladder and a pile of cut wood...

I'm not sure if assembling play equipment falls into that category of things not to do with your spouse but I think Papa Bear and I did OK. This is a good thing with both of us wielding power tools. There were no major injuries. I say this while icing the series of giant bruises on my upper right thigh from having the ladder dropped on me but for the most part OK.

After 14.5 hours, 4 big bruises (all on MY body), about 1/2 a dozen power drill batteries, probably around 20 foul words and just shy of $1000 spent in materials we have a climber/swing set fit for our 3 princes. Little Bear's response "I like the climber but I wish I had some friends to play on it with me".
Fuzzy's response "I fall off da swing, it hurt me, I dun like it".
Wee Ones response "da".