Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ugly In The Cradle, Pretty At The Table?

Have you ever seen a baby that is just...less attractive than most,...attractively challenged,...or just plain butt ugly? You don't have to lie, I'm pretty sure everyone has come across a Baby Egor or two in their time.

What's worse than an ugly baby? Parents of an ugly baby who don't know that they indeed have an ugly baby. They post their pictures on Facebook and send them to their friends and family via email without being the wiser. "Oh isn't she just a cutie?". How the heck are you supposed to answer that? This is one of those few times when it is recommended that you lie your face off. Stay calm, DO NOT let the "No" escape your lips or let out a scream.

These homely little beings get entered into baby contests and have their picture displayed on Grandma's wall for visitors to be subjected to. They are dressed up in frills and lace but come on you can't disguise a turkey as a swan.

It's not the baby's fault they didn't ask for the less than stellar genetics. They are just victims of poor meshing of genes. Poor little ugly buggers.

Someone once said to me "ugly in the cradle means pretty at the table" (she was also famous for asking "Do I look like I jut fell off the turnip truck?"). I have heard her say this a few times about a few babies but have not actually seen the results she predicted. Usually "ugly in the cradle" results in a homely looking toddler, youngster, and teenager.

Of course I can not relate to these parents of ugly babies since I, myself have 3 of the most gorgeous boys ever. ;)


Jess Sikand said...

Having a face only a mother could love. Thank God for mothers, nature visually impairs us at the sight of our own kids for ensuring survival. Also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with the ugly baby.

Anonymous said...

i saw alot of them babies at in Dresden today at the baby show..

slightlyinsanestacey said...

I bet

Anonymous said...

lol... that's funny... but you know whats not funny? I was never entered into any "cutest baby contests" :-( But my mom say's I was the cutest of them all ;-)

Anonymous said...

what really amazes me are the pretty babies made from the ugy people! You know the parents who look like they are saving food on their clothes, and those clothes weren't even bought from a thrift store, they were taken right out of the dumpster...and their teeth are gross (if they have all their teeth). Then you look down and there is this gorgeous child, and you have to look again at the ugly and ask yourself "what the hell??? YOU MADE THAT??"

hungeryjack said...

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