Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's Day

Today is Father's Day. I'm not a father but I have one and I live with one so we celebrate. I will be celebrating from work but I will still be celebrating.

I picked out my cards a week or so ago. A cute one for Papa Bear (fiance and father to my youngest). A funny one for X (the ex husband and father to my 2 oldest). A neat one for my father-in-law from the boys and 2 for my dad (one from me and one from the boys). It was quite the challenge to pick the perfect card for each of my men with 3 young boys in tow though my oldest is very "helpful". He likes the $6 cards that play music and stuff. I'm more about the $3 quiet cards.

Next the boys and I picked gifts for the daddies. A small (but very cool) tool accessory kit and some crafts made at daycare for X. New leather sandals (to replace the disgustingly hideous double Velcro strapped sports sandals that I HATE) and a T-shirt baring an appropriate message across the chest for Papa Bear.

The 2 oldest went to spend the night and all day today with X and Papa Bear and the wee one get to hang out, just the 2 of them all day while I deliver customers coffee goodness. After work we are headed to the in laws for BBQ and probably cake. There is almost always cake for special days at the in laws. Other than that for the most part just another day but with extra hugs for Daddy :).