Monday, June 15, 2009

Tis The Season for Construction

GRRRRRR...Tis the season for construction. I don't think I have seen so many orange pylons in my life as I did today. A 45 minute drive ended up taking well over an hour. This is on a day when I have a time limit and have to back by a certain time.

The ride was started off by me getting behind Grandpa Jones who must have forgot today was Monday and was out for his Sunday drive. Why bother posting a speed limit of 90km if Grandpa is going to drive 70km? Of course he was impossible to pass too.

Next came the bump in the road signs. BUMP in the road? More like a freaking portal into a new dimension. What the heck was that? Pretty sure I bottomed out the ole kid hauler over the first one.

After the "bumps" I came to the man with the stop/slow sign. Today's man with the sign was a little more interesting than most. In the 15 minutes I sat behind his stupid stop sign, he ate his lunch, drank an entire water bottle, applied sunscreen and scratched parts that he shouldn't have scratched in front of a line of 20 drivers. Thanks for that buddy.

The 20 other cars and I were finally led through the maze of construction vehicles by a golf cart with a giant sign attached to the top of it with a flashing yellow strobe light driven by a young man who looked like he was on spring break. I think every single construction worker along the way stared at the drivers as we approached them like they have never seen a minivan or a Volvo or a Taurus.

We were back on our way. Just then Grandpa Jones(who is still in front of me at this point) decides he is going to turn. No, no he's not. Wait, yes he is. No, not going to turn. Make up your damn mind Jones! Thankfully it was shortly after this that I finally got an opportunity to pass. Praise Jesus.

Now I thought I was in the clear just to run into another construction site just a short way up the road. What the heck? I'm pretty sure I'm going to dream about those damn orange cones tonight.