Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm sure at one time or another you have had someone ask you what you were doing, what you were up to or what did you do today and I'm sure you at least once replied, Nothing.

Nothing. That's what I did today. Did I really do nothing? Well no, not really. It is impossible to do nothing. My nothing consisted of getting up at the bloody crack of dawn to load my oldest son onto the bus and off to school. I also nursed a baby, slept a little, watched a tiny bit of TV, made breakfast for both wee ones and used the bathroom. I Facebooked, Twittered (or is it tweeted?), checked my blog hit count and my email. I changed a lot of diapers, had a shower (with the company of my 2.5 year old), got myself and the boys dressed, brushed our teeth and applied deodorant and make up. I loaded the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen, made lunch and made a donut shack run. I picked my oldest son up off the bus, cooked dinner (hot dogs but I still cooked them) and took the 2 oldest boys to their Father's Day event at the daycare with their grandpa. I washed hands and faces and helped with PJ's, answered the question about how babies get out of the mommy and put all 3 to bed (a little late). I visited the homes of 2 friends and took the new truck for a drive.

If you ask me that isn't really a lot but it isn't nothing. I didn't even include the fact that I did all this nothing while my heart beat, my blood pumped, I took breathes, regenerated cells and digested food. Sounds like a pretty productive nothing when you list it like that. In fact the next time someone asks me what I did today I think I WILL list it like that. It sounds much more exciting than nothing

I think a more appropriate answer to the questions, what are you doing, what are you you up to or what did you do today is not a lot rather than nothing when infact you are always doing something.