Saturday, July 11, 2009


The power of TV is amazing. I have a habit of turning the TV on while I am "working" on the computer and leaving it on the same channel until Papa Bear comes and changes it. Last night I left it on TLC and came across a show called "Say Yes To The Dress", a show about women searching for their perfect wedding gown. Just when I was looking for some inspiration to get moving on wedding stuff, voila!

Now I am excited to get cracking on finding my own dress. I think if I accomplish this one task it will set the rest into motion. I have wedding dresses on the brain. I dreamt about them last night even, so I need to make a day (ha!) and decide who I'm going to take with me. I think I require a specific couple of people to come with me. I need a brutally honest person to tell me the truth at all cost and a person who is willing to lie to me to spare my feelings to cushion the blow of the honest person.

I need a plan of where in the heck to start. Style. What style is first appropriate (I'm thinking the full skirted princess type dress is not the right choice for a mother of 3 taking her vows for the second time, outside, on the farm in her late 20's) and second flattering for the ol' baby belly and expanded ass? Colour. What colour is right? Obviously I'm not "pure" so crisp bright white probably isn't quite right. Modern or classic? Floor (grass) length or not? Plain or beaded? Strapless? Halter? Bell skirt? Sheath? ? ? ?

There are so many options but I think I need to put them on to know which direction I should go. The next day I have to myself I am definitely planning to start looking.....although if I wait for a day to myself we may have to move the wedding date to 2020...