Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Day at the Donut Shack

I once heard in a comedy act that you are in sad shape if you still work someplace that requires you to wear a hairnet and a nametag at the age of 30. Well folks I'm only 2 years off from that. Sad as it may be that's my life.

That's what I get for marrying the man of my dreams- that turned out to be the jerk from my nightmares instead getting a post secondary education. I'm not a moron but this has turned out to be the most moronic decision of my life. I am now a divorcee who's only skill is to pour coffee. Man, the job offers are just a pouring in...NOT.

So for 8 hours I bust my ass physically working harder than any lucky chap sitting in an office and for what? Minimum wage. Minimum stinking wage. Wow. 28 years old and working for minimum wage...that IS sad. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

I guess I have to back up a bit to explain how this happened because really it was my own doing. I WAS a manager of a Donut Shack but I proved that I make a terrible pregnant manager. I was too busy puking my guts out daily with my second child to really be very focused on much else then not getting and vomit on my uniform. So I was demoted to Assistant Manager of the Donut Shack.

Assistant Manager is a fine job if you don't work for a 300 pound dyke football player with a chip on her shoulder who thinks you are after her job. Geez, she was scary. However after the birth of my third child I decided that I didn't want any added responsibility at work and didn't want to work as many hours so I could make my children a priority as they should be. Therefore I am a minimum wage earning part timish employee. That's it in a nutshell.

Let me tell you though I am more than earning my minimum wage salary. I am running the soles off my shoes. I am straining muscles I forgot I had. I am working up a sweat (I don't do much to EVER work up a sweat) to bring Joe Customer his large double double and chocolate dip donut.

Customers don't think about this when they order the world and expect it quickly and without error. I try to always make the customers experience a positive one but that is not the goal of all employees. Most are only willing to give the effort minimum wage buys you...not a lot. It is also difficult to see the reward of your efforts when your smile and quick delivery of a customer's order is met with a snarl, snap, growl, obsenity or non-reaction. Thank the employee for their effort damit or don't be surprised when they don't put that effort forward. Afterall if it wasn't for those minimum wage employees busting their asses in their hairnets and nametags you wouldn't have a nice hot cup of coffee to sip while sitting in your nice comfy desk chair behind your nice big desk at your important well paying job.


Anonymous said...

very very well said

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS say thank-you! LOL

Anonymous said...

300 lbs dyke football player....omg way too funny