Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What do YOU want for dinner?

Almost every night is the same. "Hunny, what do you want for dinner?"
"I dunno, what do YOU want for dinner?" And then the game begins. Pork chops?-don't like them. BBQ ed/baked/stuffed/stir fried Chicken?-no chicken. Pizza?-not again. Lasagna?-too heavy. Salad?-too light. Steak?-to expensive. Tacos?-rather not. Spaghetti?-not the way either of us makes it. Fish?-ewww.....What do you want from McDonald's?

This goes on at our house just about every night. I've tried lots of things to get us out of this pattern. Organized shopping lists, New recipes, Meal plans, you name it. Meal plans would work if one of us could remember to take chicken/pork chops/steak/hamburger out of the freezer the night before or in the morning so it would be thawed and ready to go for dinner but that very rarely happens.

If certain people would expand there pallet to include a little more interesting dishes this would be helpful too. Who wants to eat the same crap all the time? Variety is the key to getting most kids to eat something. My guys anyways. Of course what they like this week is totally different than what they are going to like next week.

Another thing that works against us is time. Both me and the Mr. work and don't get home until 4:30-5:00 when dinner needs to be started. Both of us are exhausted and the kids are running around like maniacs or need a diaper change/drink/help/etc. Neither of us are really excited to cook either. I cook only out of necessity. I can cook I just don't like to. I think those people that say they love to cook (along with people that say they like to garden) are either liars or nutcases.

I want to feed my family nutritious, well balanced meals but it Harvey's doesn't have that on their menu. I always said that I would eat out less when I had kids (with plans to make those proper meals) but it seems we eat out more than before the kids. So now I feel the guilt of filling my children up on processed, high fat, high sodium, high sugar, high calorie foods.

There is lots more I could write about this topic but it is getting hard for me to type and take bites of my Big Mac so I'll call it quits for now.


Anonymous said...

why don't you twitter....I would enjoy following you! funny lady, writes well, I can relate to this blog!

slightlyinsanestacey said...

I do twitter but I only have 1 follower! Guess I'm not much of a leader...

Tinielle said...

Hularious stacey! Im so glad im not the only one that doesn't cook everynight! its just somuch easier to head up town! try M&M meats..they save me quite a bit! it easy cuz you dont have to remeber to pull it out you can just cook from frozen! but it gets to be the same thing over and over!

Anonymous said...

Stace, I'm at work, trying desperately to avoid working, and I found your 'rant' witty and enjoyable. Just the right length as well!

You definitely have a talent for writing!

slightlyinsanestacey said...

I'm glad I could supply a distraction from your work. :)

Anonymous said...

i just read them all..pretty funny...good writing too..

kim H

Anonymous said...

once again very well done,ive told you before (new career)lol

Anonymous said...

check out
I play our our menu on Saturday and go grocery shopping on Sunday.
If the hubby doesn't like what's planned, too bad.